Group classes in Soft Skills for children aged 9 to 13 years

Turn your child's emotions into a superpower!


Why your child needs this course

In a rapidly growing world, a child needs the soft skills to fully develop and realize their potential. Personal qualities are just as important as the knowledge of languages or STEM subjects. It is the foundation on which children build their lives, and our goal is to create happy children, not perfect ones!

What the child gains


Identifying their natural talents and abilities. Finding their dream job!


Learning to understand what they want and how to achieve it

Курсы: математика, русский и чтение


Become more friendly and brave, come out of their shell

Курсы: математика, русский и чтение

Interpersonal skills

Learn to resolve conflicts through negotiation

Managing emotions

Learn to distinguish sadness from stress, anxiety from anger, and how to process these feelings


Become more adaptable to the changing world

Курсы: математика, русский и чтение

Structure of the Soft Skills Online Course

The course includes 36 practical classes. The following topics are introduced through informal communication with the teacher:

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Emotional intelligence

understanding and accepting all your feelings: empathy, expressing aggression, managing rage

Social intelligence

leaving one's comfort zone, time management, motivation and inspiration, teamwork, negotiation skills

Personal boundaries

stable self-esteem, receiving criticism, critical thinking, behavior in conflict situations


storytelling, creative thinking, public presentations, developing attention and memory

by Процент успеха

Soft skills determine professional success

Do not miss this chance to help your child's development

Why are we the leaders?



Review of each student’s results, support and inspiration from the teacher during classes


Our tasks are a great way to switch off from school work


Are guided by modern methods for raising and teaching children


Group work and opening up to each other allow children to find friends and kindred spirits


Games, debates, discussion of real situations in the children's lives and ways to solve them, art therapy, self-analysis, reflection


From 5 to 7 people (teenagers aged 9-13 years)

Determine emotional intelligence level of your child

Pass the test


Angelina, Vlad’s mother
My child is considered “difficult” at school. This course helped us to understand and accept our situation. Now, my son reacts less intensely to difficulties in communicating with his peers, and I try to listen to him and ask his opinion. This approach has improved the communication in our family, a...
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Elena, Ivan’s mother
I’ll admit that it was hard for me to persuade Ivan to get psychological help. After all, I thought that if we weren’t managing ourselves, it meant that I’d failed as a mother. The psychologist reassured me and explained that there are situations when parental and family experience isn’t enough to c...
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Marianna, mother of Victoria, Roman and Agatha
This is the first time Victoria has found herself in a group, where the children are so open and friendly towards each other. The atmosphere in class is astounding. It is so nice and inspiring, and assures me that she will be able to cope with any difficulties. Vika found the exercises to improve he...
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Daniel, 13 years old
It’s an awesome group where I met other teenagers from different cities. I really enjoy talking about various topics, and learning new things about myself and other people. I can now approach a person I don’t know and introduce myself, and easily strike up a conversation, although I used to be reall...
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Matthew, 13 years old
I can’t wait for each lesson. I was really afraid of speaking in front of the other children at the start, but now I know that it isn’t scary, it’s actually nice when people listen to you. We’re learning to express our emotions, instead of hiding them. I’ve started noticing that other people experie...
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Alina, Veronica’s mother, 11.5 years old
My daughter attended the first class on my request, but now she keenly waits for the next one. She says that the classes are very unusual and the exercises are fascinating. I like that my daughter has become calmer, has made new friends, and that her marks at school have improved. Veronica has also ...
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Irina, Dmitry’s mother, 9 years old
Dmitry is a very active boy, he’s tried various clubs, but always dropped out because he’d get bored. It’s obvious that he’s become really engrossed in this course, and he enjoys talking to the other children about different topics. He diligently completes the exercises set by the teacher. He’s beco...
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