Russian as a Foreign Language course

Russian grammar
for bilingual and multilingual children
Homework tasks
in a fun game form
Individual approach
one-on-one classes with an experienced teacher
Learning the Russian language rules
through reading, writing, and speaking
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Who will benefit from the course

Bilingual and multilingual children who speak and read Russian. This course will help kids to understand and correctly use Russian grammar through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Your child will acquire the following skills

  • to read confidently and understand the meaning of what they've read
  • to read expressively
  • to describe objects and compose short stories
  • to expand their vocabulary
  • to construct dialogues
  • to improve their spelling

A minimum of 49 classes

are included in this Russian grammar course

Minimum of 7 months

duration of this course depends on the child's level

From 6 to 16 years old

children can participate in this course

How it works

The Kidskey platform was created
especially for kids
The Kidskey platform has been created especially for kids. One-on-one classes are held on our online platform at a time convenient for you, and run for 40 minutes. Each class is followed by a game-based homework task that takes about 20 minutes to complete. The platform is easy for children to use, so they can study with a teacher and complete the homework on their own.
Each of our courses includes over 4,000 colorful and interactive tasks on our platform

Course packages

Russian Language 1
The basic Russian language course for bilingual children. This course is designed for kids who can speak and read a little Russian. The course consists of game-like exercises to increase vocabulary and reading speed, as well as improve writing skills. There is a focus on memorizing words with irregular spelling, names, surnames, nicknames, and words containing the syllables zhi-shi, cha-sha, chu-shu, chn, and chk. Children will become familiar with different parts of speech, and learn to read and paraphrase texts.
Number of classes:
7 months
from age 6
Russian Language 2
The course enables the child to improve their reading skills, develop coherent speech, and continue to learn Russian language grammar. By the end of the course, the child will learn to form new words using prefixes and suffixes; become familiar with spelling rules for consonants and vowels; learn about parts of speech, such as nouns, adjectives, pronouns and verbs; analyze what they have read, and express their thoughts. Classes include developmental tasks (crossword puzzles, rebuses, riddles) that help to improve the vocabulary, writing skills, and communication.
Number of classes:
56 classes
8 months
from age 7

This course was designed by experienced teachers. They know how to instill a love of reading in your child.

Snezhana Sharikova
Author of the Russian Language 2 course, teacher with 25 years of experience
Valentina Melnikova
author of the Russian Language 1 course
Olga Zh.
course developer, work experience: 7 years
Elena M.
course teacher, work experience: 18 years
Elena G.
course teacher, work experience: 20 years
Maria P.
course teacher, work experience: 7 years
Anna B.
course teacher, work experience: 5 years


Natalia, Daya's mother, Israel
I want to say a huge thank to the organizers and staff at Kidskey school! My daughter Daya started the online school at the age of 7.5. She has already mastered the Bukvaryata and Russian Language 1 courses. She just loves the lessons at Kidskey! The Russian Language 1 course was t...
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Vera, Anna's mother, Germany
I have only positive things to stay. Anna could read before, but she had a small vocabulary and no desire to speak Russian. But I wanted to speak to my daughter in my native language... After a trial lesson at Kidskey, the specialist recommended the Russian language course. Our teacher Violetta imme...
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Svetlana, David's mother, Spain
We came to Spain from Russia a long time ago, and gradually began to forget the language. My son is 13 years old and he could no longer speak Russian fluently with his relatives. I started thinking that it would be good to find additional Russian language courses for my son. By a stroke of luck, I s...
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Yvonne, Alan's mother, France
I'm very happy that I signed Alan up for this course. Many thanks to our teacher Olga. I don't know Russian very well myself, so I couldn't help Alan learn it. I could see the difference between before and now after only a few lessons. Alan started to speak Russian more confidently, make fewer gramm...
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Catherine, Liam's mother, USA
A great Russian language course at a great school! Liam was very hesitant to speak Russian as he was afraid of making a mistake, but really wanted to overcome the language barrier. He refused to practise Russian with me, although I tried to help him, to talk to him, to gently correct him. So, I star...
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Ksenia, Eva-Victoria's mother, Czech Republic
This is the best Russian language school for kids. We're glad that we came to Kidskey. I wanted Eva to speak Russian fluently. At the trial lesson, we were told that the best way to do this was to read and converse in Russian. Eva struggled to stress the right syllable, and she mixed up endings and ...
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Our teachers will help you choose the right course and provide study recommendations. Please leave your contact details and we will get in touch.
Daria, Timur's mom, Canada
We came to Canada when Timur was 3 years old. He's now 8, and I'd noticed that he was answering me less and less in Russian. This made me very sad, so I decided to find him a decent online school with the Russian language. We did the trial lesson in Kidskey, where we were told about the school and h...
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Margaret, Lilly-Sophie's mother, USA
We live in the U. S., but we occasionally visit relatives in Russia. When our eldest daughter Sophie went to school, I noticed that when she spoke to me, she substituted English words for Russian ones and it got really confusing. I wanted Sophie to have good English and Russian as well, especially b...
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The course includes the following: You only need a computer or tablet for the classes.

The Russian as a Foreign Language course has several major goals: increasing the speed of reading, writing and spelling; reading and answering questions about a text, learning how to spell difficult Russian words (vocabulary words). Children will develop simple language analysis and synthesis: vowels and consonants, hard and soft sounds, voiced and voiceless consonants, determining the number of sounds and letters in a word, making words out of letters. The course prepares students for an introduction to parts of Russian speech. Classes include developmental tasks, such as crossword puzzles, rebuses and riddles. There are many activities that increase vocabulary, communication, and writing skills.
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Work on vocabulary topics: expanding the vocabulary

Studying Russian grammar

Listening and developing the ability to understand Russian speech

Speech training. Development of spoken language

Developing the ability to express your own opinion about what you have read

Acquaintance with Russian culture and traditions

Improving reading, writing and spelling in Russian

Choose a payment option

8 lessons
full immersion in the learning process
16 lessons
successful learning of the material
32 lessons
in-depth study of the material and improvement of skills

Top FAQs

Does my child need to take the full course to learn how to read or can I choose some individual classes?

It is an integrated program, so each class is linked to the others. Consequently, a child needs to complete the full program to achieve a good result. All the courses are divided into blocks of 7-9 classes. You can take one block to see if this training system suits your child and whether you'd like to continue. As a rule, our students complete all the blocks of training.

How long before my child is able to read?

Every child is individual and learns at their own pace. You will see the first results after 3-4 classes, when children begin to read the first syllables and first words.

Will your classes suit my child if he or she knows the letters and can read syllable by syllable?

Of course. Our programs focus on correcting and improving reading skills. After a free trial class, our specialists will determine your child's level of knowledge and recommend a course to suit your child.

My child doesn't know or understand Russian at all. Will your courses be suitable for them?

We have students who don't speak or understand any Russian. In this case, we recommend that parents attend the first 3-4 classes. After a few classes, the child will be able to understand the teacher's instructions and study on their own. We also have teachers who can speak other languages. In fact, your child will benefit from studying with a Russian native speaker, since they will understand and start speaking Russian much quicker.

I'm looking for Russian conversation courses; I don't think my child needs to learn how to read. What would you advise?

We recommend paying attention to reading, since it forms the basis for language learning and retention. A child improves their speech and increases their vocabulary by relating words to pictures during reading. Repeating the same words in class helps the child to remember them. It's easier to retain new words through reading, writing and speaking.

Is your course suitable for preparing for school?

Yes, our methodology is similar to the school system, so your child won't need to adjust. The course will teach your child the difference between vowels and consonants, and hard and soft sounds. You child will gain letter-sound knowledge, learn to read by concentrating on the written word, and be able to read fluently, without needing to sound out each letter.

My child has dyslexia. Will your classes help them?

Yes, our school also caters to children with dyslexia. Our unique approach, engaging format, and experienced and patient teachers will enable your child to learn to read quickly and accurately. Your child will love reading with all their heart and keep up with their school peers.

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