Reading course “Bukvaryata”

Learning the Russian alphabet
using the author's unique methodology
Reading Russian for beginners
from words to short sentences
Homework assignments are
in a fun game form
Individual approach
one-on-one with an experienced teacher
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Who will benefit from the course

Kids who don’t know the Russian alphabet or do but can’t read. They make mistakes when reading: they skip letters, they don't understand the meaning of what they've read, and they don't want to read because it's hard and boring for them.

Your child will acquire the following skills

  • learning all the letters of the Russian alphabet
  • reading simple and compound words
  • reading sentences and short texts
  • increasing their vocabulary
  • writing without missing letters

9-43 classes

are included in the basic reading course

1-6 months

course duration depends on ages and level of Russian

4-16 years old

children can be engaged in this course

How it works

The platform Kidskey is created
especially for kids
Classes are held on our online platform one-on-one with a teacher at your convenience. 30 minutes per class. Each class is followed by a game homework assignment that takes about 20 minutes to complete. The platform is fully adapted for children, so kids can study with a teacher and do their homework on their own.
Each course on our platform is more than 4,000 bright interactive tasks

This reading course was compiled by experienced teachers. They know how to instill a love of reading in your child.

Valentina Melnikova
author of the course, teacher with 30 years of experience
Anna K.
methodist, work experience - 8 years
Kristina Sh.
methodist, work experience - 7 years
Anastasia H.
course teacher, work experience - 7 years
Anastasia R.
course teacher, work experience - 6 years
Yulia M.
course teacher, work experience - 5 years
Yana N.
course teacher, work experience - 5 years


Maria, Noah's mother, USA
We have finished the Primer and Reading Simulator courses and are choosing our next course. We liked the fact that all the lessons are organized in a system, each lesson has a well-thought-out plan. All in all the school has an excellent program which is interesting for children, has a variety of in...
Irina, mother of Vera, 5 years old, Italy
We speak Russian at home, but when my daughter went to the local school, she started to mix up the languages. To help Vera, we enrolled in Kidskey. So far, we've already completed the course "Bukvaryata" and "Reading Trainer 1". Both Vera and we really liked it, so we're going to continue! Our teach...
Katerina, Polina's mother, USA
My daughter studies on the course "Reading Trainer 2" with the teacher Anastasia. The first impression is that she is a kind, patient and attentive teacher who creates a feeling of success in class. My daughter is confident that she will succeed, and this is a very strong motivation. The lessons are...
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Maria, Anna's mom, Norway
This school is amazing! We first took the "Primer" course, and now we are learning the "Reading Simulator" course. I, as a mom, am very impressed by the clear structure of the lessons, the system of lessons, from simple to complex. Because of this I have already seen a big breakthrough in my reading...
Anna, Diana's mother, Belgium
When we came to speed-reading, Diana could already read, but she did it without enthusiasm or any interest. She could still read short words, but she skipped long or incomprehensible ones, could still think up her own word endings and did not see dots and commas in sentences at all. When she read al...
Elena, Olivia's mom, UK
My daughter already knew the letters and could read, but it was very slow, and she wasn't interested in reading. All my attempts to entice her to read failed. Even her favorite candy didn't help. I was very worried about the quality of reading and brought my daughter to a trial lesson at Kidskey. ...
Start with a free trial class
Our teachers will help you to determine the required course and will give recommendations for studding. Book a call with us to try it for free.
Jeanne, Farida's mother, USA
We started to learn English letters earlier than the Russian ones. As a result, Farida got everything mixed up, she mixed up similar ones, tried to read Russian words, and ended up with complete nonsense. A Russian "r" suddenly became an English pi. I had to start from scratch, with the "Bukvaryata"...
Irina, Marat's mom, UAE
I recommend this school to all parents who want to save their time and nerves. We have finished Primer and are now continuing on the Reading Trainer course. It's a cool platform, every inch of the screen is well thought out and there's nothing unnecessary. There is a handy personal cabinet where I c...

The course includes the following aspects. You only need a computer or a tablet for the class.

The course is a playful journey into the world of reading. Each task is a game that helps to develop not only reading, but also the entire cognitive sphere of the child: speech, memory, auditory and visual perception, and space. Learning to read is built from simple to complex: from vowels "A, O, U, Y, I" to reading syllables and words with consonants "M, S, X," etc. Kids should understand the principle of reading open (ma, mo, mu, etc.) and closed (am, om, um, etc.) syllables to read words correctly. This is the most important step in the learning process of reading. By the end of the course, the child will be able to read a variety of words and short sentences, and learn to write words without missing letters.
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Learning Russian letters

Correct reading technique

Speech Development

Work on correct articulation

Russian language sounds

Development of phonemic hearing and perception

Vocabulary increase

Word comprehension and memorization improving

Learning to write words in block letters

Eliminating mirror writing of letters (I - N)

Development of cognitive activity: memory, attention, thinking, imagination

Choose your plan

8 lessons
full immersion in the learning process
16 lessons
successful learning of the material
32 lessons
in-depth study of the material and improvement of skills

Top FAQs

Does my child need to take a full course to learn reading or can I take some individual classes?

We have a holistic program. Each class is related to others. Consequently, it is necessary to go through a full program to get quality results. By the way all courses are built in blocks of seven to nine classes. You can take one block of classes and, for example, see if this training system suits you and whether you will continue to study. As a rule, all of our students pass all blocks of training.

How long does it take for my child to start reading?

Each child is individual and each one learns the material at his own pace. The first results you will see after 3-4 classes: kids begin to read their first syllables and their first words.

Will your classes suit my child if he knows letters and reads syllables?

Yes, sure. Our programs focus on both correcting reading skills and improving them. After a free trial class, the methodist will determine the level of your child's knowledge and give recommendations on which course is right for your child.

My child does not know or understand Russian at all. Would your courses be suitable for him?

Our school is attended by kids who do not speak or understand Russian. In this case, we recommend parents to attend during some first classes. After a few classes, the child will understand the teacher's instructions and will be able to practice on their own. We also have teachers with knowledge of foreign languages. But it is really good if your child will study with a Russian native speaker. Thanks to this, the child is much faster to understand and speak Russian.

I'm looking for conversational Russian courses; I don't think my kid needs reading. What can you advice?

We recommend paying attention to reading, as it is the basis for language learning and retention. Through reading, the child develops speech, increases vocabulary by relating words to pictures. Repeating the same words during the class helps the child to remember them. And it's easier to reinforce all the new words you've learned through reading, writing and communication.

Is your course suitable for school preparing?

Yes, the methodology is close to school learning, your child does not have to retrain. As a result of the course, the child will learn to differentiate between vowels and consonants, hard and soft sounds; get a basis for sound and letter analysis; learn to read, concentrating on the read word; and be able to read fluently, without letter-by-letter pronunciation.

My child is dyslexic. Will your classes be good for him?

Yes, we also have dyslexic children in our school. The special methodology, fascinating class format and experienced, patient teachers will learn your child to read correctly, quickly and consciously. Your child will love reading with all their heart and will keep up with their peers in learning.

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