Russian language from scratch

Development of spoken language and preparation for reading for children from 3 to 6 years
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About the program

We developed this program especially for kids to introduce them to the letters of the Russian alphabet and the sounds of the Russian language. We have created a creative environment where interesting tasks and vivid imagery captivate and introduce children to the world of the Russian language. Our classes are all about freedom of expression and play. As a result, children learn about the world around them and train their memory, attention, and imagination.

Children learn to speak Russian confidently and read their first words with us.

Exploring the world around us

Exploring the world around us

We expand our horizons with our fairy-tale characters, and then in exciting tasks, we consolidate the knowledge gained

Developing mathematical concepts

Developing mathematical concepts

We introduce numbers 1 to 10, object shapes and sizes, and develop spatial orientation

Understanding colors

Understanding colors

We introduce all the colors of the rainbow and enrich the child’s emotional intelligence through colors

Improving hearing and articulation

Improving hearing and articulation

Learning to listen and hear. Developing auditory awareness and perception

Developing logic and thinking

Developing logic and thinking

We learn to compare and contrast, and to spot simple patterns. Boosting memory and imagination

Improving communication skills

Improving communication skills

We negotiate, share, talk, play together, and learn to follow the rules of the game

Five reasons to learn with us:

The gentle program and relaxed atmosphere of the individual lessons help the children to uncover their potential and put their talents into practice.
Each lesson focuses on the child’s all-round development. We manage to read, draw, count, and solve logic tasks, all in 25 minutes.
The child is highly engaged at our lessons, and not simply attending because they must.
We take the child’s age into consideration, and choose the pace of study that will nurture their desire to learn and discover the world.
The child learns new and unique communication skills that make it easier to adapt to childcare and school.

«Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.» — Anthony J. D’Angelo

The Kidskey platform was created
especially for kids

Lesson structure

All classes take place on our online platform, 1-on-1 with the teacher. There are no pre-recorded videos: the child has individual lessons with the teacher. Each class runs for 25 minutes.

Unique approach

combines educational experience and modern technologies

Edutainment programs

education + entertainment. Learning through play

Experienced teachers

who will find an individualized approach to each child

Online platform

that is easy to navigate for kids of any age

Course program:

The child will practice skills that are important for their age, and learn to complete simple tasks to develop speech, thinking, attention, and color perception during the course. Develop in a well-round and holistic way. The child will find it easier to adapt to childcare and school in the future. They will be able to easily engage with other children and teachers.
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The ABCs

Learning the letters of the Russian alphabet. Correlation of letters with speech sounds, words with images of objects.

Understanding colors

Expanding children’s understanding of color and shades, the ability to tell them apart, place them in a particular order, and group objects according to color.

Spatial orientation

Developing the child’s ability to orientate themselves in space, activating the child’s vocabulary through terms that indicate spatial relationships and directions.

Mathematics for young kids

Introducing children to numbers and how they are written, sizes and shapes; counting up to 10; solving very simple mathematical problems, and comparing groups of objects.

Exercises to develop logic, memory and attention

Developing the ability to compare, analyze, contrast, and spot simple patterns.


Learning the letters of the Russian alphabet and expanding the child’s active vocabulary by matching the word and the object’s image.


Anton, Erica's father, Hungary
We enrolled our 5-year-old daughter in beginner Russian language courses for general development. She initially refused to participate in the first classes, but the teacher Anastasia was able to find an approach and interest her. Erica now eagerly tries to read Russian letters and watches cartoons o...
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Marina, George's mother
I like that the material is age-appropriate and not just dry grammar. However, games do not dominate the entire learning process. My child does not sit well in front of a computer, so we use a tablet, which allows him to be comfortable wherever he wants. We have completed 10 lessons so far, and duri...
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Elena, Kristina's mother, France
I would call my child a passive bilingual: she understands when I speak in Russian, but always responds in French. Our main request when contacting Kidskey was to get our child to speak in Russian. We are 4 years old, and it is still too early to learn to read. The manager suggested trying the Bilin...
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Alina, Nikola's mother, Italy
After moving to Italy, they needed Russian language classes for their son. They moved when he was very young, and at the age of 4, they realized that Nikola spoke Russian very poorly, I would even say catastrophically poorly. They tried offline lessons with a Russian-speaking native speaker, but she...
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Ekaterina, Eva's mother, Cyprus
We moved just a year ago, and Eva was 2 years old at the time. But she started speaking Greek so quickly that I immediately thought about how to preserve Russian. Someone will say that three years is too early for learning, but I think the earlier a child learns a language, the easier it will be for...
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Who are the early development classes suitable for?

Early development classes are suitable for all children, since all children start to explore the world around them from birth. An adult’s role is to help the child understand how the world works faster. Children gain invaluable experience when they’re very young, and they use this experience throughout life.

The child particularly needs to actively collaborate with adults when they receive new information and experiences. While instilling the right emotional approach to learning is the job of parents, maintaining interest and the desire to learn is what the teacher is best at.

Does Mom have to be present?

Parents can be present at the lessons. The first adaptation classes go better if Mom is there as well. As soon as the child can learn by themselves, they will become more collected and focused, and the learning process will become more productive.

Will my child know the Russian alphabet after this course?

Yes. The child will play word and speech games during the course, study the letters of the Russian alphabet, and will thus learn how the sounds appear as letters, which will form the basis for reading.

My child is advanced for his age, will he get bored?

He won’t. The program is designed to adjust to each child and set an individual pace for learning. The teacher’s job is to nurture the desire to learn and motivate the child to discover the world around them.

My child doesn’t know any Russian and can’t understand it. Will the course be suitable for her?

We have children studying at our school, who don’t speak or understand Russian. In this case, we recommend that the parent stays with the child for the first few classes. The child will start to understand the teacher’s instructions after a few lessons, and will be able to study on her own. We also have teachers who know foreign languages. But having a Russian-speaking teacher is actually beneficial for your child. She will thus be able to understand and speak Russian much sooner.

Will my child get tired in class?

Of course not. The program is designed in such a way that it won’t tire even a restless child. We use interactive games that are very engaging, while the informal communication style allows the child to learn and relax at the same time.

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